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‘‘Dr. Teng is friendly and knowledgeable! He was able to quickly understand and explain to me a problem with my jaw that had been bothering me for years and put me on the right track for treatment.’’

- Patrick L.

‘‘Dr. Teng’s a delight for our coast-to-coast relocation. Such peace of mind to have a high-quality professional help to continue and complete the long journey to beautiful smiles. Thank you!’’

- Chunyan T.

‘‘Dr. Teng helped our son through braces and provided a very individualized approach. We’re very happy with the results. Amazing and friendly staff!’’

- William E.

‘‘I started my orthodontic work when I was almost 60 years old. His kind care, high-standard work, patience, and often creative thinking resulted in the satisfactory completion of my orthodontic work, from which I’ll benefit for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Teng!’’

- P. X.

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