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Achieve the smile you want, the way you want it.

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Get a Straight
Smile without Braces

Improving your smile and bite shouldn’t feel awkward.

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Your local Seattle and Bellevue Teen Invisalign® provider, Dr. Teng, makes teeth straightening easier than ever at Teng Smiles Orthodontics

Our clear aligners from Invisalign® fix crowding, gaps, overbites, and more using fitted plastic trays instead of metal braces.

Teen years are for learning, growing, and making memories. Luckily, Invisalign® won’t get in the way of your selfies, school photos, or confidence. 

The innovative system is one of the best ways to straighten teeth discreetly!

More Comfort, Better Results

With Invisalign®, you can:

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Get Straight Teeth

Millions of happy smiles can attest to the power of Invisalign®. It works for crowding, gaps, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and more.

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Be Yourself

Clear aligners fit snugly and are barely noticeable. Invisalign® gives you the freedom to be yourself and helps promote confidence from start to finish.

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Feel Comfortable

Unlike traditional braces made of metal wires and brackets, aligners are made of special plastic. The flexible material fits nicely over your teeth.

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Save Time

You’ll switch out your aligners at home and only come in from quick in-office check-ups and pick-ups of your new trays. No complex adjustments required!

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Eat Everything

Hard, sticky, or chewy foods don’t have to be off-limits. Braces have food restrictions, but Invisalign® is removable and lets you enjoy your favorites.

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Brush Easily

Remove your aligners for easy hygiene, brushing, and flossing. You don’t have to adjust your cleaning routine with our braces alternative.

‘‘Dr. Teng and his staff are very professional and friendly. My daughter had an expander and soon will have braces on. She’s very happy with it and wants to be an orthodontist in the future as well. I highly recommend Dr. Teng to all parents. Thank you so much, Dr. Teng.’’

- Ngan H.
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Dr. Teng is a
Platinum Provider

Teng Smiles Orthodontics is your number one choice for Invisalign® in Bellevue and Seattle, WA.

A smiling man is standing by the reception counter and his hands are clasped together

Get a free consultation to see if Teen Invisalign® is the right fit. Our Seattle and Bellevue orthodontist helps you find the best teeth straightening system to achieve your goals and enjoy your life.

Dr. Teng’s advanced training and education enable a big picture approach, where we consider the teeth, jaw, and airway for better health and confidence. In addition, as a local Invisalign® Platinum Provider, our orthodontist helps ensure a smooth process and amazing results. 

Our orthodontist’s expertise brings you a better experience and better care. As a Platinum Provider, we’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve beautiful smiles and comfortable bites, and we’re ready to help you!

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Love your smile. Change your life.

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